Breast Health- Fight Sagging

Age, breastfeeding, pregnancy, weight loss … all take a toll on your body and your breasts. Let’s face it; if you’re a mother over the age of 40, your breasts have probably seen younger, perkier days. From the moment you get them, time and circumstance seek to pull you and your breasts down.

So, what exactly do sagging breasts look like? Many women with larger breasts, pendulum-shaped breasts or breasts where the nipple turns under consider their breasts saggy. However, these are just examples of variety. No one has the same body shape, eye color, facial structure and hair, so there are naturally some differences among breasts. Young, small-breasted models and celebrities with augmented breasts create a picture of what “normal” breasts should look like, but the example is far from normal.

Sagging breasts occur when ligaments and skin around the breast looses elasticity. You can liken it to a worn-out rubber band. When your ligaments and skin do not spring back like they used to, your breasts start to sag. Sagging Breasts have many causes.

Why Purple Panty?

  • Age – By far the biggest culprit, age plays a huge role in sagging breasts. Over time skin and ligaments naturally loose their strength. Just as your skin wrinkles and hangs, so do your breasts.
  • Large Breasts – Large breasts are more likely to sag at a younger age than small breasts. The weight of large breasts break down the ligaments meant to support them at a much faster rate.
  • Weight Loss – Weight loss results in sagging skin and sagging breasts that do not snap back into shape easily.
  • Pregnancy and Breast Feeding – Pregnancy and, especially, breast feeding play a role in sagging breasts because breasts change size so much during these times.

Fighting the Sag

If you’ve noticed your breasts hanging down more than they used to, you can fight the sag. Ideally, you should take steps from a young age to prevent your breasts from sagging, but it’s never too late to fight gravity. Following are some ways you can firm up sagging breasts:

Smoking is bad for your breast!
  • Stop Smoking – Someone is always telling you to stop smoking, right? One thing you probably haven’t thought about when it comes to smoking is how it ages you. Not only does smoking cause wrinkles it affects the elasticity of skin and ligaments all over your body, including your breasts.
  • Start Exercising – Although you can’t strengthen the connective tissue of your breasts, you can firm up their platform – your chest. When you exercise and build lean muscle in your chest, your breast will appear firmer. You will also have a younger looking appearance overall.
  • Eat Healthy – A healthy diet along with drinking plenty of water nourishes your skin and helps it look younger. Studies show that Vitamin C also plays a role in skin elasticity. So, drink more orange juice and purchase over-the-counter vitamins.
  • Bra Factor – Always wear a supportive bra, especially during exercise. Bouncing during exercise can break down the ligaments that support your breasts. Sports bras offer the most support during physical activity.
  • Lube Them – Keep your skin moisturized through the regular use of lotions and breast-firming products such as Brestrogen. Moisture plumps skin, making wrinkles and sags less noticeable.

Meal Plan to Lose Weight Quickly

If the appearance of your breasts bothers you, there are many things you can do to enhance your image. In addition to the above tips, try wearing a push-up bra or clothes that enhance your breasts. You’d be surprised by how much you can do with a little fabric and fashion know how.