Breast & Nipple Support After Delivery

Breast & Nipple Support: Finding the Right Bra

With so many beautiful, sexy bras to choose from, it’s very easy to get pulled into the cosmetic aspect of bras and forget about the function aspect. In addition to looking pretty, did you know that bras are supposed to support your breasts and camouflage problems? Small breasts, large breasts, breasts that sit wide on the chest, perky breasts, droopy breasts … there’s a bra that fixes what’s wrong and enhances what’s not.

Types of Bras

More than 20 types of bras exist. Most are designed to be worn with certain types of clothing, i.e. the strapless bra for off-the-shoulder tops and dresses. However, almost half are meant for certain sizes, shapes and breast problems. Following are a few of the different types of bras to choose from:

  • Full Cup Bra – Just as the name implies, the full-cup bra features a full-sized cup that covers the whole breast.
  • Demi Cup Bra – The demi-cup bra features half a cup, which is often ornamented with lace along the top edge of the cup. Demi bras leave the top half of the breast exposed.
  • Sports Bra – Intended to be worn during activity, sports bras are generally made of a stretchy material such as spandex. The tight fit of the bra prevents breasts from sagging and bouncing.
  • Minimizer Bra – Similar to a full-cup bra, a minimizer bra offers full-cup support and makes breasts appear flatter.
  • Padded Bra – Padded bras feature soft padding on the inside of the bra.
  • Push Up Bra – These bras lift and push breasts together, resulting in maximum cleavage.
  • Underwire Bras – Underwire bras feature stiff wire around the bottom of the cup.

Matching the Bra with the Breasts

Now that you know what types of bras there are, which one is right for you? The type of bra you wear is dependent largely on your breasts – their size and shape. Choosing the right one can make all your breast problems disappear. Following are common breast shapes and the bras that work best for them.

  • Small Breasts – Most women who have small breast want their breasts to appear larger, fuller and more defined. Demi bras, padded bras and push-up bras are ideal for small breasts. Demi bras make breast appear fuller and rounder at the top. Padded bras add a good inch or two to the size of small breasts. Push-up bras create more cleavage and bring breasts closer together.
  • Large Breasts – It’s so easy to make large breasts appear even larger than they really are with the wrong bra. Always choose a full-cup bra. Minimizer bras and sports bras are also ideal since they make breasts appear smaller. Avoid demi-bras at all costs. Large breasts tend to spill over, resulting in a lumpy, misshapen outline.
  • Sagging Breasts – Plump up sagging breasts with underwire bras. Other types of bras might work as well depending on breast size. You may also wish to use a breast-firming cream like Brestrogen to fight the sag.
  • Uneven Breasts – Underwire bras give breasts a nice rounded shape. If you have uneven breasts, an underwire bra will make your breasts appear more even.

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes; that’s why there are so many bras to choose from. The next time you go bra shopping, forget about what looks colorful and sexy. Instead, choose bras that are perfect for your breasts. You might have to choose a different style than you’re used too, but you will love the final look. If you happen to find a sexy bra that enhances your breasts, go for it. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?


Breasts after Pregnancy: Getting Back to Normal

Ligaments and connective tissues support breasts, lending them their natural shape and level of perkiness. During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through many changes. Her breasts naturally become larger during pregnancy and reach their peak after birth, resulting in full and gorged breasts during lactation. Shortly after – longer if she decides to breastfeed – her breasts shrink back to their smaller form. All this stretching and shrinking breaks down the connective tissues and ligaments that are responsible for breast support. Liken it to a rubber band that has been stretched out too many times.

Things You Can Do During Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant or plan to become pregnant, you are no doubt worried about what will happen to your breasts. You’ve seen what’s happened to other women during pregnancy and in the months after, causing you concern for your own body. If you’re pregnant, you need to start taking care of your breasts now to prevent breaking down supportive tissue.

  • Give your breasts plenty of support by wearing the right bra. During pregnancy, your breasts will grow, resulting in the need for new bras. Never try to squeeze into an old bra. Even if you can only afford a couple of new bras, make the investment. Never leave your heavier breasts without support. You may even have to wear a sports bra or something at night to keep your breasts from hanging free.
  • Watch your weight during pregnancy. While it’s not healthy – for you or the baby – to restrict calorie intake during pregnancy, it’s also not a good idea to eat more than recommended or to give into fatty cravings. The faster you put on weight, the more strain you put on your breasts. Ideally, you should only gain 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy.
  • Moisturize your breasts frequently. You’re probably already using cocoa butter on your tummy to avoid stretch marks. Expand on your moisturizing routing and include your breasts. You can use the same cocoa butter, your facial moisturizer, ordinary lotion or a breast-firming product like Brestrogen. Massage your breasts with moisturizer daily.

Things to Do after Pregnancy

After you’ve given birth, your breasts go through immediate and drastic changes. Approximately a week after birth, breasts stretch under the weight of milk-swollen glands. Even if you don’t breast feed, you can expect major breast changes during the first few months after birth. Following are some things you should do to get back to your old perky self.


  • Examine your bra inventory once again. You may find that you have to go up another size immediately after pregnancy only to watch your breasts shrink down to a smaller size after a couple of months. Always wear a good supportive bra that fits you. Don’t cut corners. If it’s too small or too large, don’t wear it. Don’t go without a bra either.
  • Take off pregnancy weight slowly. It’s normal to want to wear your pre-pregnancy jeans shortly after giving birth. If you can, great! If you can’t, don’t push it. Let the weight come off slowly by following a healthy eating plan along with moderate exercise.
  • Tone up your pectoral muscles. Located in your chest, directly under your breasts, are your pectoral muscles. Strengthen these through weight lifting to create a solid platform for your breasts to rest on.
  • Lose weight by exercising regularly

It takes time to get your body and your breasts back into pre-pregnancy shape. Be patient. The connective tissues of your breasts will retract, resulting in perkier breasts, but it won’t happen overnight. In the meantime, give your breasts plenty of support by wearing a good bra.